Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.”

—Maya Angelou

We are all grateful for all the workers who toil night and day to feed their families. If not for them, nations wouldn’t thrive. 

Despite the sweaty, backbreaking, bone-cracking work that they do, they press on. They continue to strive for their loved ones and themselves. While there are workers who are fortunate enough to be actually doing what they are passionate about, others need to make do with what’s offered to them. 

Whether you’re actually doing what you love doing or not, you are still one of the modern-day heroes helping nations around the world to thrive. 

For all the hard-working, dedicated, and loving laborers around the world, here are a few things we can do to honor all of the things they have for their families and countries, especially the essential workers who are incredibly brave to continue working despite the risk of the coronavirus. 

  1. Be polite. 

People who work night and day during the pandemic are the true modern-day heroes. They continue to work to ensure that societies thrive despite the threat of the pandemic – to keep the world running. So, always be polite and kind to all kinds of laborers. Be more understanding and patient when waiting in line because establishments prioritize essential workers. 

  1. Make or buy a frontline worker a meal. 

Even if you don’t personally know the person, make his or her day by giving them a free meal, whether you just bought it or made it yourself. They’ll be more than appreciative of such a gesture. 

  1. Donate to organizations that respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 

A small amount goes a long way when you give to organizations that respond to this global health crisis. Your donations can help make the lives of those who dedicate their talent, time, and passion to helping save lives. Donations can also help non-profit organizations that offer free services to the most vulnerable members of society. 

  1. Say “thank you” whenever you can. 

Say “thank you” after the cashier has bagged your groceries or after the waiter has served your food. Say “thank you” when a doorman opens the door for you or after the concierge has given you your key to your hotel room. Say “thank you” to the taxi driver before you get out of the car and to the security guard who held an umbrella for you on a rainy day. 

There are quite a lot of opportunities to show your appreciation and gratitude to workers around you. Be sure to grab every chance you get. 

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