5 Ways to Honor the Laborers Working Tirelessly in These Uncertain Times

“Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.” —Maya Angelou We are all grateful for all the workers who toil night and day to feed their families. If not for them, nations wouldn’t thrive.  Despite the sweaty, backbreaking, bone-cracking work that they do, they press on. They continue to strive for their loved ones and themselves. While there are workers who are fortunate enough to be actually doing what they are passionate about, others need to make do with what’s offered to…


Jim Gardner’s “You Have the Talent, So Where Is the Money?” to Inspire Aspiring Artists & Professionals to Turn Talents into Income

Phoenix, AZ and Basking Ridge, NJ – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, July 14, 2021 Author Jim Gardner released the book, “You Have the Talent, So Where Is the Money?” last June 17, 2020. The author’s main goal for penning this book is to help anyone who wants to turn their talents into income. While he refers mostly to visual arts in this book, the same rules apply to any profession that allows the person to express oneself creatively. Jim Gardner helps readers to uncover their hidden potential and become the best versions of themselves by fulfilling a sense of purpose in…


Honing Your Talent: Is It Worth It?

No one is born with talent.  However, we are all born with curiosity, and if that curiosity is encouraged, we will develop skills in that subject.  When our skill level rises above the average or what is seen as normal, other people look at us and say that we are talented.   Talents are simply skills that have been developed to a high degree of excellence. Now, if talent is something that comes naturally to people, you might be wondering why you need to hone it. You may be able to sing or dance beautifully. But are you able to…


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