Honing Your Talent: Is It Worth It?

No one is born with talent.  However, we are all born with curiosity, and if that curiosity is encouraged, we will develop skills in that subject.  When our skill level rises above the average or what is seen as normal, other people look at us and say that we are talented.   Talents are simply skills that have been developed to a high degree of excellence. Now, if talent is something that comes naturally to people, you might be wondering why you need to hone it. You may be able to sing or dance beautifully. But are you able to…


The Keys to Happiness and the Keys to Success

The keys to happiness is to figure out what you like to do and then find a way to get paid to do it. The keys to success is that you can do anything you love to do, as long as you do it in a way that benefits others.   People pay you for the amount of benefits they receive, they do not pay you for the amount of work that you do. Did you know that there’s an annual World Happiness Report? It’s a comprehensive study ranking all the countries, from the happiest down to the least. For…


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